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General EDEN Questions
  • > Q: Is it true that Eden builds speakers for other bass manufacturers?

  • > Q: I lost my owner's manual. Can I get another one?

  • > Q: How do I get service or parts for my amplifier or cabinet?

  • > Q: I'm going to be touring. How can I protect my gear?

EDEN cabinets and speakers
  • > Q: Who makes the speakers you use in your cabinets?

  • > Q: How do I tell if I've got a blown driver?

  • > Q: I sometimes see a light blinking on and off in my cabinet? What's that about?

  • > Q: How do I tell if I have a blown tweeter?

  • > Q: What is the impedance rating for your cabinets?

  • > Q: How do I tell the impedance of my cabinet?

  • > Q: I love your cabinets, but would prefer to not run the high-frequency driver. Can I shut it off?

    A: Shutting the tweeter off is OK but can damage the L pad over an extended period of time. It is advisable to set the crossover control so that horn is getting just a touch of signal.

  • > Q: How can I clean the carpet covering on my cabinet?

    A: A standard lint roller (masking tape style) works very well. If it's seriously covered with animal hair or dust, you may want to vacuum it first. If there is dirt ground into the carpet covering, you can use a commercial carpet cleaner, either spray or foam. Be certain to cover the speakers and crossover beforehand to protect these components.

  • > Q: I want to store my cabinet for an extended period of time. What do I need to know?

    A: Our cabinets are able to handle extremes in temperatures quite well, so there's no real need to be concerned. Just make sure that you let the speakers return to room temperature before using them.

  • > Q: Where can I buy castors and how do I fit them?

  • > Q: How do I tell what year my amplifier was made?

  • > Q: Can I get a schematic or circuit diagram for my amplifier?

  • > Q: What type of tube is in my amplifier? How often should I replace it? Does it matter if I use an Eden tube?

  • > Q: I have seen a modification online for my amplifier, should I do it?

  • > Q: What does Bridge Mono mean?

  • > Q: What is Bridge Series?

  • > Q: My current amp isn't loud enough. Should I add more speakers, more power, or both??