About Us


About Us

Our Legacy

Eden is a world-renowned, leading manufacturer in bass amplification. Our product is world-class, built to last. From the modest practice combo to the professional head, we offer solutions to players of all levels, across all genres. From humble beginnings on the Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA, Eden was founded in 1976, initially manufacturing PA systems before making the move to bass amplification, with tonal clarity and flexibility remaining a priority. From the outset, we have strived to deliver only the best in amplification, speaker and cabinet design.

Our Product

Eden products are designed and developed especially for bass players.?From our founder David Nordschow’s early PA system designs, to the World Tour Pro and Terra Nova series in our current range, our amplifiers deliver a clear, defined tone, which we understand as “Hi Fidelity for Low Frequency”. This means that your tone is conveyed particularly clearly, championing the individual character of your instrument.

We work with bass players from all over the world, accompanying them on their journey and developing new product to meet their needs. We pride ourselves on producing world-class equipment that can cope with the tough demands of studios, stages and stadiums alike.

Our Goal

Eden’s goal is to equip musicians with the opportunity to develop themselves from the first bass amplifier to unmatched professional tour equipment that meets real world tour requirements. Eden amplifiers and cabinets were developed for optimal and organic sound reproduction, with each one built to last the test of time and the rigours of the road.