D Series




D Series

Built For the Road

A flagship range through Eden's history, D Series cabinets have remained one of the most loved cabinet series on the market. Delivering unmatched tone through expertly tuned cabinets, D Series offers a configuration to suit almost any rig.

d112xst Cabinet

Compact and punchy. The D112XST is a portable, take-anywhere cabinet.

d115xlt Cabinet

Handling up to 400 watts, the D115XLT outputs fantastic low end, combined with an aluminium tweeter to deliver beautifully balanced sound.

D210XLT Cabinet

The D210XLT cuts through with its pure, clean sound. XLT speakers and porting combine to create a beautifully balanced sound.

D212XST Cabinet

Two 12″ XST speakers offer a well-rounded and smooth sound. Perfect for the stage, the D212XST is a wonderful configuration for cutting through the mix.

D410XST Cabinet

Loaded with four 10″ XST speakers that offer a highly defined bass sound, the D410XST is a go-to cabinet for bassists worldwide.

D610XST Cabinet

With a mighty 1500 watts power handling, the D610XST is loaded with six 10″ XST speakers that offer a balanced sound with exceptional clarity.

D810XT Cabinet

The ultimate cabinet to fill stages and venues with ease. The D810XT is not for the faint-hearted.